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Vi har også synonym til billig, uten kostnad og gir bort. Ngram Viewer Exports. The Google Books Ngram Viewer is optimized for quick inquiries into the usage of small sets of phrases. If you're interested in performing a large scale analysis on the underlying data, you might prefer to download a portion of the corpora yourself. DPD Tracking online. Track and Trace DPD parcels and packages through tracking number.

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帳面價值,BV, Book value; 生物. 血管,bv,Blood vessel BRCA2DBD_OB1: A subfamily of OB folds corresponding to the first OB fold (OB1) of the 800-amino acid C-terminal ssDNA binding domain (DBD) of BRCA2 (breast cancer susceptibility gene 2) protein, called BRCA2DBD. BRCA2 participates in homologous recombination-mediated repair … H ^ NW ׇ o R Б CտLu L`ڼ - a ? 1 l [ i 92 )% d 8 s s` n P @b Y 0ڇ \ W ^ & Ӣ 7@ o ی k V{ r .ȕe n .q( ~gڋ % mA b8#rz y@ ğZ3h/ |r~ O Ob + 0 ц 3z G? \x p+ _ s ,+ X ' 6 o" 4p >l ب )t PS> e H\rD 3 _ r [8 LT @$ _ \$ 5 ͕ | D* _ Y O qB ❶r kcְ ؀ > sä @ /-/X /^# ? x> )p ԁ x _߹ d y ' z / & K w 9 , mc z $< >Y H LL L N d \3 J d 6 n' u' }Ap L! 4 O . z 0 u ? .
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